Covid 19 Safety Plan

Limiting the number of people at the workplace and ensuring physical distance whenever possible.

Measures in Place –

  • We continue to provide mobile service on customer’s property, within lots or at marinas.
  • Occupancy limits for workers within vessel, maximum 2 individuals within engine bay.
  • Limiting or prohibiting visitors. We request that all customers refrain from entering vessels at the same time as the technician. Technician customer communication can take place outside the vessel with masks on, or customer can contact technician via phone and email.
  • We do not require customers to be present when services are provided, and prefer if you can refrain from doing so.
  • All invoices can be paid online

Mask Use

Measures in Place –

  • Technician will wear mask during all customer contact when 6 foot distance can not be maintained
  • Technician will wear mask while performing work when any other individual is present.
  • Technician will wear mask while performing work when feasible.
  • When masks are worn they will be placed over nose and mouth.
  • All customers must wear masks if they need to enter vessel, or while communicating face to face with technician.

Cleaning and Hygiene Practices

Measures in place –

  • Technician will be equipped with hand sanitizer to ensure personal hygiene
  • Technician will sanitize any surfaces where physical contact was made, and it is reasonable to assume the customer may come in contact with same surface.
  • Single use sanitizing products will be used

Covid 19 Symptoms

Measures in place –

  • Any employee with Covid 19 symptoms will self isolate and follow measures indicated my Work safe BC. Customer service calls will be rescheduled. If any risk to customers is determine to exist by BC health, customers will be notified.
  • Any customer with Covid 19 symptoms, who has been diagnosed with Covid 19, has been tested for Covid 19 and is awaiting results, or has been notified that a close contact has tested positive for Covid 19 must notify No Panic Mechanic at 780-691-0971 immediately, if service is upcoming. Service call will not necessarily be canceled but additional pre work sanitizing measures will be considered.
  • Any customer with Covid19 symptoms must not meet the technician face to face.

We must all do our part, and together we will get through this.

No Panic Mechanic

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