No Panic Mechanic – Pre Purchase Inspection

Are you in the market for a new boat, or new to you boat? It’s important to have a Pre-Purchase mechanical inspection done so that you know what kind of investment you are looking at. Perhaps very little is needed and the vessel is sound. But, perhaps the compression test shows the engines are going to need some work. This is very valuable information to have when negotiating the final sale.

Checklist will include the following items, as accessibility permits. Inspection can be customized to the customers requests, including adding a sea trial (Recommended). Larger vessels may require addition inspections for items such as Generators, Battery Banks etc.

  • Inspect motor mounts
  • Compression Test
  • Check Wet exhaust system
  • Check ignition system
  • Check power steering system
  • Check power trim system
  • Look over Transmission
  • Check closed cooling system
  • Check heat exchanger system
  • Check Thermostat operation
  • Check Propeller Condition
  • Lower Drive Level Unit oil level and condition
  • Zincs condition
  • Running Engine Temperature Checks

A report of findings is forwarded electronically after inspection.

Contact us today to book your Pre-Purchase Inspection CLICK HERE

If you are looking for a Marine Surveyor we can direct you to one of our contacts as well. When a vessel is over 10 years old most insurance companies require a survey to be completed for insurance purposes.

Our Red Seal licensed Journeyman technician is certified to perform these inspections.

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