Maintenance is necessary

Marine growth can cause poor performance that costs you money in wasted fuel and additional maintenance. Does your boat sit at the marina year round? How do you know the condition of your expensive items that are hidden under water? Are you already aware of a “few items that should be addressed during the next haul out” ?? Maybe your trim gauges are not reading anymore, or the speedometer decided not to work. Or perhaps you have been topping up the gear oil a little more frequently the last couple months. All these items can add up to a hefty emergency haul out service, if you don’t do yearly maintenance. How close to a break down might you be?

Here is a short list of the items repaired/replaced during the below service….

New drive bellows, exhaust bellows, shift cables, gimble bearings, trim senders/switches, Water hoses, Oil Hoses, All new Zincs, Repaired 1 trim cylinder, Port side steering shaft and seal replacement, trim cylinder hydraulic lines, Trim cylinder bushings, new mercathode components, cleaned/straightened/painted propellers, cleaned barnacles and marine growth from aluminum gear housing, sanded/primed and painted. The marine growth inside the lower drive water pickup grill was actually choking off the water supply to the engine causing an overheating condition that could have resulted in an even more expensive service. This was a tremendous amount of work, which is obviously not cheap, however it increased the value and performance of the boat. Many more years of joy ahead for this vessel and its crew.

The Before and After

Day 1

Finished Product

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